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Bali is a paradise, a very popular destination, and of course I can tell why.

It Is  full of Australians, and backpackers, including me jeje. For sure is a dream place, were you can have party, go to a retreat, detox your body your  soul your mind, literally like Julia Roberts did in Eat pray love.

I don’t know, it depends what kind of travel  you want to have.

That really depends on you, this post is specially about amazing places to visit when you are in Bali.

I have to specify that I couldn’t visit Ubud wich is where the famous rice fields are and of course many many beautiful places in Bali that you could visit but in this post you will only see the places that I had the blessing to visit, so I can give you my recommendation and share my tips so you can enjoy more.

I remember that since I arrived to the Airport I felt in glory, you could feel the vibes of I don’t know how to called it but, holiday vibes:  flowers, fruits and happiness.

Gili Trawangan

Of course there is not just flowers in life, since we arrived the Taxi drivers wanted to charge you more for the taxi,  way more, they can tell when you don’t have any idea of the prices.

But this is normal right? This always happen when you first arrive to any place , you don´t know about prices, about where to eat, places to visit, etc, but don’t stress is the beauty of the adventure and traveling.

I know you will love Bali. Bali have always something special to every person, something that you will never forget.

So here it is my small list, hope it helps you with your travel , and please use  #BloomingInBali so I can see your pictures of your trip.

If you have anything to add in this list of amazing places, comment bellow so everybody can see them and share info.

Kisses!!!!! And love from your Mexican friend Nataly Vargas.

Kuta Lombok

Nusa Islands

Probably my favorite place in Bali, I really loved them, they are just amazing, this views, and pristine beaches and I don’t know I just loved them.

There is a whole post about this place  that you have to check out.     Nusa Islands, Bali IndonesiaThere is 3 Islands,  Nusa  Penida, Nusa Ceningan  and Nusa Lembongan.

My favorite was Nusa Penida.

How many days do I need to visit them?

I visited 2 Islands in one day, crazy heey, and Nusa Penida for 1 day.

It was a lot in a rush, but we made  it. I recommend for sure taking your time in each place.

The best way to drive around is in scooter/motor bike. But if you don´t drive no worries, there is always the options that a lovely local takes you around 😉

You can surf here, snorkel- Scuba diving, Hikings, or just go for relax, trust me you won’t regret.

This Islands definelty are more quite and wild then for example Gili  Trawangan. Actually I didn’t party at this Islands, It was just visit around, relax at the beach, watch the sunset, you know time for yourself.

Kelingking Beach

How to get here?

I arrived from Kuta Lombok but perfectly you can take a boat from Kuta Bali.

Don’t stress where to take the boat and etc, at every hotel, hostel etc in reception will help you where exactly take the bus- shuttle etc.


We stayed at this lovely hostels, 2 different because we didn’t booked on time.

And depends on you if you want to stay in a chill hostel or in a fancy hotel.

Get immerse in the wilderness  of this Islands, specially Nusa Penida, let the locals guide you of where to eat, where to go etc, and just relax.

Thousand Islands, Nusa Penida

Nusa Lembongan

Blue Lagoon, Nusa Ceningan

Gili Islands

There are 3 Islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. What a paradise eeh.

Is very touristic but still wild. In some way.

Specially Trawangan is super touristic and busy, so much party there,  I mean you still can have your relax time doing snorkel, diving, or just going  around the Island in bike ( my favorite part).

But definitely if you are looking a quite and lonely place don’t go to this Island.

Its expensive too. Don´t accept the first offers of accommodation and food, if you are looking to save money eat where the locals eat, and keep looking for cheaper accommodation.

Gili Trawangan


The other 2 Islands are for sure quieter, Gili Air and Gili Meno  even that I slept In Trawangan the first thing we did was getting a snorkel tour around the 3 Islands, it was so beautiful we see  turtles and so many beautiful fishes.

I couldn´t see much in the other 2 Islands but they looked pretty and quiet.

Gili T has such an Instagramer swings. If you want to avoid the crowd you should go to take pictures by early  morning  or you would need to make a line to get a picture with  the sunset behind you.

Always check with time  the return  tickets , can be very busy. 

And enjoy enjoy enjoy and don´t forget to drink many cocos and smoothies. 

Gili Meno

Gili Air

Kuta Lombok

You will say I say that every place is amazing, but this beaches are so beautiful too.

There are many beaches in Kuta Lombok, I just had the opportunity to visit a few, and forgive me but I don´t remember the names but I have many pictures.

Favorite Beaches?

What we did is to ask a lovely local guy to take us to a nice beaches, and was so nice to get surprise in each place.

Have coconuts at every beach, swim, then chill, what can I say? A hard life.

In the first day we went to 3 beaches and at the end of the day we finished in this amazing place  I think my favorite with this crazy view and the sunset was one of the best I´ve ever had the name is : Bucket Merese .

For sure you can´t miss this place.

Kuta Lombok

Bucket Merese



Kuta Lombok, Bucket Merese

Bucket Merese

Pink  Beach

At the next day we went to the famous Pink  Beach. Just to make clear the sand is the one that can looks pink at certain time of the day,  the locals said early morning or late in the evening. Is pink because of the coral that is in the sand the water is not pink.

When we went it was from 11:00 to 16:00 and we couldn´t see it super pink, but it was lovely still.

Plus they were many goats and we tried this crazy yellow Watermelon,  it was amazing.

How to get there?  We got there by car because we were many and because they said by motorbike was harder to get, be aware that they charge a small fee for the entrance.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach

Pink Beach

Kuta  Bali

In this part of Bali we drink many smoothies,  every time a different flavor of all those exotic fruits and eat delicious Indonesian food and party of course.

This place is the place were most of the Australians go to Holidays so be aware that it has a lot of western vibes.

We did visit Kuta Beach wich was all right, but nothing out of this world, beautiful sunset though.

Kuta Bali

Kuta Bali

Kuta Lombok


See you Soon guys! Thank you for reading this!

Don´t forget to comment your favorite place in Bali, or suggest other places.

Always with much love,  Nataly Vargas

Gili Trawangan

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