What is  to be Millenial?

I don´t like that term I don’t know why, maybe is because I don´t like the ¨tags¨. They exists maybe to have everything in  order. Or to don’t  get confused with  spices, because there are many. I don´t think in India they use that much labels, they recognized them because of the smell.

I wish we could recognize people of how they smell…. Maybe the label could be more “ real”

Lately I recognized that I am not doing what my parents were expecting me to do in life.

I don’t want to have an office job, and simply because I don´t want to have to work with a strict schedule 9 to 5.

I don´t want to get married soon, before I thought I wanted but not anymore

My goal in life is not to have expensive cars or to be millionaire.

I just want to have the enough money to be able to travel with my family ( or alone).

Have a cute house with a nice garden, so my dogs can  play and they wont feel isolated, and could have enough space to grow frutal trees and many flowers.

And to life close to the ocean…. Is that too much?

My parents were expecting of me to finish my career, and  work work work work, get married, make a family , a nice home place, and kept working  and that repetitive.

In the society is bad looking to have more than 2 days off per week,  and you are bad if you don’t settle down and have a “ normal” life.

I am so sorry, but hopefully my parents understand that is not my happiness.

I ve´ been observing my friends,  people from my age,  and it appears that is complicated for us to find that balance. To don’t feel like an adult but at the same time to feel that you are doing something to get your dreams.

I hope I am talking for my self and you feel all Zen.

But if you are not, high five, you are not alone.

A few years ago I finished my job at a transnational company, I had my on business, I didn’t had that good luck so then I decided it was time to travel and save money. With I only accomplished the first thing hehe. Because I spent all my savings traveling.

I came back from traveling and life seemed uncertain. 

But I think in each stage of our lives they tend to feel uncertain.

Like when you stopped hating boys and you start to like them and you are like “ whaat¨?  Or when you didn’t knew why you always felt angry and crazy ( adolescence)  and no ones understand you.

Wait… I feel a little bit like that now except that I don´t hate everybody just the incomprehension.

Sometime I feel that nobody likes “ millennial” that we are not what the society expects of us. That we dream to much, that we want to eat the world and that we don’t want to get old

Because been an adult is intimidated.

You want to travel but you want to work in your career.

You want to play all day long with your dog, but you should be cleaning your house, making the food for next day.

I want to be with my family in each birthday, in each Christmas but at the same time I want to live the experience of spend Christmas in swim suit at the beach at 30 degrees in Australia.

I want to live close to my nephews  but I am the happiest discovering new cultures.

I would like to start saving money for my house, but at the same time I want to go to Europe young.

I would like to hug my mother everyday, but it feels soo good to met new friends from different nationalities that I would never ever imagine I could met.

I want everything

And is hard to have everything

And is frustrated not to get it.

It is too ambitious?

Sincerely I don´t know the answer. I know clearly how I want to live, what life I want to have, what I want to have and what I would like to do. But I just don’t know how to combine it.

Maybe the first step is to realize that you can’t have everything.

That I can´t please my parents in what they think is better for me.

And demonstrate them that there is happiness in other lifestyles too.

And in some moment I will be able to. 

   Find the balance between my desires and the reality.


Auch. Reality can be hard, but well not everything is pink how I wish it would. And its okay, reality makes feel the achieved dreams more incredibles and rewordings.

I wish my dog don’t  feel that I am leaving her forever.

And she was unlucky to have a nomad partner, but I am building a happy tomorrow for both.

And I know my parents are starting to understand that I was born a little bit crazy and I want different staff, and the end I am not hurting anyone and thats the important thing right?

Don´t be scared of accept and recognize what it really makes you happy.

Even if it is out of the parameter of “ normal  and successful life¨

They have been selling us the idea that to be rich and powerful is the key of happiness but is not.

Be what you want to be, try as many times you need to, good things doesn´t come easy that´s true.

But who said you can´t enjoy the path? Do EVERYTHING to achieve your dreams.

Is YOUR life, LIVE IT. And live it fully. Love fully, eat good, laugh loud, breathe properly live good. Very very good!

Don´t be scared to be different, don´t be scared to act differently. Be your self and be happy.

 It is the most important.


With much love

Nataly Vargas

By the way, what  combination of things would make you happy? I told mines at the begging of this page, know you share with me please and that way I wont feel that crazy.

Thank you so much for reading me.

See you soon 🙂

( yes, I like long goodbyes).               


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