3 days in Perth Bucket List




3 days in  Perth Bucket List

Perth reminds me Sydney, but smaller, It has many beautiful beaches, it doesn’t feel like a crazy city, feels very peaceful and is beautifully small.

My stay was only 3 days, not much, I tried to see as much as I could. Hopefully you have the chance to have more time to visit this beautiful city. But if you don’t like me don’t worries 🙂 you still can enjoy this city. 

This are the places that we choose and I don’t regret any. So let´s enjoy Perth!!  😀

Cottesloe Beach

How to get there?

Take the train from central station.

You can buy a day pass, or if you going to stay for longer in Perth is better if you buy the card.

If you want to see the sunset this beach is the option, is very beautiful.

The side walk is huge, Ideal to go for a run or have a nice walk by the sunset.

Vineyards in Perth

Personally this wasn’t one of my favorite places to go by walk, but don´t get me wrong, if you rent a bike will be lovely! Or if you go by car is good too.

I went there by bus and by feet. So wasn’t that pleasant because the walk from vineyard to vineyard is very long.

All what are you going to see is Vineyards. You can stop at each one to buy wine and more products, like cheese or chocolate.

Rottenest Island

Is just 40 minutes away from the city, the boats departs very often , every day, and the price is very worth it compare with all you get.

This Island is extremely beautiful: full of paradise beaches, full of amazing fauna like humpback whales ( in season), quokka , many birds etc. There is even a pink lake! Between spring and summer.

Are you interested to visit this amazing place? 

I have a full post of what you need to know before going to Rottenest Island.

Perth Town

The town of Perth is very cute, it has a  sidewalk that is very close to the  bay, and from there you can get to the nice Kings Park.

There are so many shops, the design of the space makes it so easy  and confortable to shop.

Kings Park

This park is huge, it takes you to the iconic places in town. Personally was one of my favorite CBD parks in Australia.

The view is amazing, even that when I went was raining. Get ready with your camera, shoes and confortable clothes because it will be so many places to spot. Besides you are able to have contact with Kangaroos in the route. Or maybe enjoy an Ice cream at the shore.

Or hire a boat  etc!

There is always a different way to enjoy places . I love it.


Perth is a small but very beautiful city, please if you visit Perth don´t forget to use the Hashtag #BloomingInPerth and that way I´ll be able to see your pictures.

If you know other nice places of Perth please share them in the comments bellow, that way all the BloomingFamily will be able to see them 🙂

A very big kiss wherever you are.

With love Nataly Vargas.


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