Rottnest Island, Australia

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Rottnest Island 

My favorite places around Perth.  I think you definitely can’t miss this place if you come to Perth.

How to get there?

This Island is approximately  just 35 minutes in boat from Perth.


There are so many tours that offer the complete deal that includes the ferry and the rent of the bike, to be honest the prices don´t vary a lot between. Approx $110 Au dollars. In the website you can definitely find a very good deals if you do it with time.


On Thursdays the deals are cheaper. 😉


How to go around the Island?

You can´t use use motor vehicles in the Island, the only one is a bus who takes you around the Island. And It stops at strategy spots only.

The best option for me is to go around cycling. It is approximately 25 kilometres.

It might sound a lot but is not that bad, my sister never does exercise and she could do it so don’t worries if you are not used to do exercise.

And because you are stopping continuously you don’t feel it. The Island is extremely beautiful.

There is not such a perfect plan like bike and just see the ocean around you. That characteristic blue turquoise water  of Western Australian beaches.

And the best thing is that you are allowed to swim in this beaches.

The waters of this beaches are rich of  marine fauna.

Another good thing of this Island is that you can spot Humpback Whales jumping happy  really close to the shore. There is a lookout specially to stalk whales , so don´t forget to carry binoculars and your camera of course.

And there is more! This Island is the house of Quokkas, this cute Kangaroo  cousins with the sweetest eyes you ever seen, you can find them all around the Island.


There are many time departures but I recommend you to go in the earliest because there is so much to see,  so you can take your time and start cycling when the sun is not that strong.

It is possible to go around the Island in one day ( starting from 09:00 am and finishing at 16:00).

For me this place is so amazing that is worth it to visited for at least a week. You know, spending a whole day in your favorites places of the Island. There are so many beaches, cliffs,  even pink lakes! Where you could perfectly do picnics.

Actually, you can rent houses for a week and more.

What to take?

Your camera



Hat ( the sun is very strong)

Comfy clothes to get easy the pedaling

Swim Suit


Don´t worries about the food, In the Island there is plenty of Restaurants and one Supermarket were you can easily buy food and drinks. Just when you start pedaling get enough water because besides those places in the Island there is no more where to buy water.

Go with all the energy and good vibes  to have an amazing day in this incredible Australian Island.

I would love to see your pictures in this unforgettable place don’t forget to use the #BloomingInRottnestIsland so I can see your pictures.

Don’t hesitate to comment bellow if you have any other question about this place.

Lets keep in touch in all my other social media.

Thank you for take your time reading  this, See you soon! 😀


Nataly Vargas 


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