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Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is a location in the region of Whitsundays in Queensland, Autralia.  Is a city with a lot of life because the tours to the WhitSundays Island depart from there. Full of tourism for all the ages, were everyone can have an amazing time. You can find from  relaxing and quite beaches to  crazy party.

You could perfectly lay down all day in the beach and after enjoy the amazing night life : dine at the harbor, enjoying one of the must beautiful sunsets I´ve seen, ant the Restaurants are amazing. Choose one or why not go to all of them!.

The nice thing with Airlie is that it offers options for the ones looking for a quite and chill time and the ones who look for a crazy unforgettable parties.

So here is some  of the places that you can´t miss when visiting Airlie beach:

Whitsundays Island

Of course the main reason that thousands of people visit Airlie Beach.

The sand of their beaches are incredible white, contrasting with the transparency of the sea.

Its a breathtaking  landscape, definitely my favorite place in Australia.

And if you go between September- June you could spot humpback whales between the islands.

You definitely can´t visit Airlie Beach without going to the most photographed place in Australia.

I recommend you to visit with the  2 day  tour, one night for minimum, to be able to enjoy with time this amazing destiny. You want a more detail guide to visit Whitsundays?: The guide of how to Visit Whitsundays.

Coral Beach  

It is a small and quite beach with an amazing blue color. Were very sadly instead of sand is full of dead choral wich make it have a very rare aspect. Is not very touristic if you are looking a nice quite day at the beach.

  • How to get there?

By Car- Is just 3o minutes by car from the city.

By Bus-There is a route that goes very constantly for the main road of Airlie Beach. That will lead you at the beginning of the trail, the trail is just 30 minutes of the beach.

Just ask the bus driver to drop you at the Shute Harbor, and from there you start the trail.

Little tip: Don´t just chill, climb the rocks  ( carefully) and get an amazing view!

  • What to take?

There is not toilets close, so be prepared, take your food and water as well.

Take your snorkel  with you because you could spot turtles!

      The lagoon

There is an artificial lagoon it is located at the town of this lovely city ! were you can swim, get tanned and have a picnic surrounded of the beautiful ocean view.


  • Free entrance
  • Green areas
  • Close to town
  • Good size and design.

*Go for a run by with and amazing view, or have a romantic walk by the dramatic sunset lights.

There is an amazing trail from the  Marina Abell Point  to the Whitsunday Vista resort.  ( I swear is beautiful).

Could you imagine a walk path were the view is the sea, beautiful lagoon, aaand a beautiful city?

Have an ice-cream with your friends, while enjoying  the view.

Or have an early run by the sea.


 Honeyeater Walk & lookout, Conway National Park

Do you feel adventurous? And you want to be rewarded with an amazing view of the Whitsundays?

Take a light bag, water, food, and comfortable shows and all the good attitude to do 1 hour  trial approx, by the unique and precious Whitsunday´s  vegetation.

Were at the end of the hot walk, you can get a dip in a secret, quite and lovely beach. After the tracking you will feel glorious  with that bath.

And guess what? You don´t have to walk back for another hour ( excepct if you arrived by car) because there is a short 15 minutes path that will lead you to the road were the bus stop is. Or why not do hitch hick? Like I did, and maybe you will be lucky like me and met some nice  locals.

  • How to get there?

By car is just 20 minutes walking from the parking lot.

Take the bus that says ¨Shute Harbor¨ and ask the bus driver to drop you off there.

  • Special secret : Take your bike and get some adrenaline in the special bikers route (not suitable for novices)
  • Open your eyes! You might spot some wildlife! Like snakes, echidnas, spiders and more!

Sailing Day

Spoiling your self for a bit?

Hire a boat and get free to the Whitsundays Islands, without the restrictions of tours, visiting lots of secret beaches, doing (responsible) snorkel all the times that you want, but  please be careful with the choral. Enjoy the wind against your face, while your gaze is lost in the sea, but not that lost, because be aware to spot humpback whales ( season: June- September).

Fresh fish? Get your fishing license, and fish some fresh fish for dinner. How amazing is the flavor of fresh fish! even for the not seafood lovers ( like me )

Ngaro Sea trail

Are you ready for an amazing view of the Whitsundays Island?

Take a boat to the seashore and get ready to walk aprox 1.5 ahours to the top of the mountain. Were you won´t be able to go forward because you will want to take pictures of every flower and tree. And the smell? hypnotizing .

Get your camera and heart ready, to be delighted  with the view, I suggest you to  go by the sunset , because my god, is breathtaking. But be careful because the way back without light can be dangerous.

 Whitsundays Scenic Flight

I do not exaggerate when I say it was the best experience in my stay in Australia.

Are you ready to fly over the GREAT BARRIER RIEF! ( I still don´t believe I did it)

If  your life is the ocean, this is for you. The majestic view of the coral, your eyes will just see different shades of blue.

I don´t lie when I tell you that I cried when I realize I was flying over this place, It was more than all I ever imagine. It is really magical, is like you don´t believe what your eyes are looking. And lets not leave to the end the different perspective  and amazing view of the Whiteheaven beach.

Can be a little bit expensive ( 360 Au dollars for an hour flight) but every cent is worth it.

Let your imagination fly during the flight, discovering new shapes in the choral, like the famous heart shape.

Hydeaway beach

This beautiful beach is just like 1 hour from Airlie beach by car.

In this beach you can find so many facilities to have a picnic day at the beach. Enjoying the food, and the sea breeze all day long.

Be aware of the wildlife, always be ready in Australia to find new friends.


Montes reef resort

After having a nice day in Hydeaway beach I truly recommend you to go  to Montes Reef resort beach why? the Sunset there is breathtaking, you can get some drinks there while spotting one of my favorites sposts to see the sunset in Australia. The beach is free though.

And there is only like 30 minutes driving from Hydeaway beach. Is totally worth it.

Airlie Beach Gastronomy

What about to  take breakfast in one of the lovely cafeterias of Airlie Beach?, go shopping and then relaxed at the beach. Sometimes you don´t have to go far to enjoy paradise. Prepare your basket with fruit, water and you are set for a swim, enjoying the sun by getting a nice  Australian style tan. *The sunset in this beach is STUNNING .

Special advice: If you are staying at a hostel take bed box repellent  and spray it all around your bed and belongings because the bed box ate me literally. The hostels  get full of insects because of the big transit  of people in the city.

Enjoy a lot Airlie Beach, if you know any other amazing spot please comment bellow. Or if you have and question, do not hesitate to ask 🙂

I would love to hear how was your experience in Airlie beach, as well your pictures.

Please use the #BloomingAirlie to be able to see your pictures :3

Thank you so much for reading me. Kisses wherever you are

Nataly Vargas


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