At my 26´s….


 AT MY 26´S     

Today my little sister told me “ 27 years its easy to say”

And she was totally right, I remember that I used to think that context is used only for older people like above 50`s, okay you have lived a lot of stuff, many experiences. But 27 is older enough to say that……

  • I have suffered for love
  • I have loved with all my soul
  • I had to learn to let go ( still learning) . The hardest thing I had deal with.
  • I confronted myself ( it is shameful, painful) you get out of your mind of recognize the good and “bad” of you.
  • I started to confront my fears. Fears that I didn’t even new I had. Or I didn’t recognize they were fears, I thought it was part of me. Like a characteristic of me.
  • I realized the life that I wanted to have and all that I had to fight for it.

I realized that is not easy and fast ( especially that) not fast at all to get your dreams. That you have to work really hard, really really really hard and be patient. ( another weakness of mine).

The Emu and me! amazing animals, they can´t fly! but are birds...


I discovered that love is the basis of happiness, and that happiness is better when is shared.

Realize about that, helped me to have   the clarity to build the  happiness of     my world, of my future, of    my  present. Makes me realized that is not that hard to live happy when you base your happiness in love and not in materials beings and etc.

I discover me. Nataly. With it mistakes and good things. Pointing that, I always used to put my mistakes, and weak-nesses above everything. Making emphasis in that. I was just hurting myself, I was very severe with my self.

I started to have compassion of me…..

I started to forgive me, and that’s how I started to

                      love me.

swimsuit outfit. band head style, all summer, all sunny, discovering australia


Love me truly, value me, accept me how   I really was. And there I started to fall in love with me. And that was the most wonderful feeling . Because you feel such a relief.

I discovered that I am the person that I want to be with.

I saw once an add that says something like this “ you are the only person that you are going to be forever with. So you need to enjoy and love to be with you”

That phrase resonates so much in my head. Been honest all that I have achieved is just the beginning, is a process, maybe endless.

I have not  100% trust in reincarnation. But sometimes I think                                                        our souls are forever.

And this is a process that might never ends. But one process  that you have, and can  enjoy it.

    At my 26´s I got sick of stopping doing things because of  shame and fears.


lets not wear makeup! enjoy your face as it is


I got tired of living sad or mad because silly things. If they were  silly stuff, it wouldn’t affected me that much. So I stopped  to  underestimate my thoughts and feelings, and started to analyzed them, stripped them, crumble them          a lot.

Like they were a skein of yarn full of knots and everyday I crumble them     more and I started to feel peace and    find solutions.

Once I started to listen to me, have patient of me, been warm with me. I    started to understand me and discover why I felt that way and how to find solutions.

Since little I always like to dream high,  so much that sometimes I am scared.  Because I don’t know if it is right…

Right to who?

There’s just have to be right for me, for each of you, for all of us.

I woke up of what should be happiness,  of what I should achieve to be                     “ all right” with society.

Don’t stop dreaming, dreams are your diesel. Don’t stop getting excited and sensible of the most minimum detail. There is so much to discover, to explore. And everything is beautiful as it owns way. And that is the magical thing.

Don´t let anyone tells you “ that  is impossible”  or “it is wrong” or that is          “ too much”

Today is my last day of my 26´s and I  just   want to tell me ( and tell you) :

Enjoy every moment, because they       don’t come back, be patient with you,

LOVE YOU  just the way you are

because you are perfect as you were born.

Of course you can improve, polish     your self, be the best version of YOU.

But, above of everything get filled  with much much love, because that, will gives you  real happiness.

Australia, you are amazing, Just in love of Sydney. Beach girl, swimsuit outfits


I am still working on the purpose of accept the age, been honest I am scared of get old. I am scared to stop doing things because I am “old”.

Recently I was meditating, If they were not an age, not a digit. What would I do?

If doesn’t exist the “ you are too old for that”

What would I do?

If doesn’t exist the “ you are too young for this”

Would it change my way of doing  things?

In the end is my life, if I act or not act, Is going to affect ME ( primarily) and I would be the one who is missing things.

While you decide if you act or not. Time flows. Our body, physically talking, is  not  eternal. It has a time to perdure.

So meanwhile nenes, we have to                                      be grateful .

That is what has been helping me  so so so so much to find my balance,  peace  in my soul. Be grateful of absolutely everything. And that made me appreciate my beloved treasures and how blissful I am.

We all have something to appreciate. All of us.



Knit top for the beach, philippines, an amazing country, I just LOVED IT.


And that is wonderful, the more you are grateful the more gifts you receive from life.

And thank you very much for that.

Thank you for another breath, thank   you for another day, for another sunrise. And thank you for another moment to share with you, my life, this life that is ours.

I love you so much, thank you so much   of reading me and be with me.

I am with you too, truly.

What is that, that you are the most grateful? Right now. Of what are you grateful?

I´ll be waiting for your comments   bellow.

As always…

With much much love…..

Nataly Vargas


I´ve never expected so much beauty of this country, simple fascinating.

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