12 Apostles / Great Ocean Rd

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12 Apostles- Great Ocean Road, Australia

Usually or I  fall sleep or I get dizziness at the road, but specially with this road I couldn´t  close my eyes. What a lovely view, very tall  eucalyptus trees everywhere, all green everywhere sometimes I felt I was in a fairy tail forest.

And no words of the Great of Ocean Rd, the ocean is amazing… You can´t miss the 12 Apostles if you come to Australia.

The apostles were formed by erosion, and actually they are not 12 they are 8 now.

There are many ways to visit this place, either by renting a car or by tour.

I recommend to do it by yourself because you can stop wherever you like.

And trust me, this 2 destinies are worth it. But if you can´t rent a car don´t worries, the main thing is to get there.

Actually I met a girl who went there by bike! Crazy and amazing experience  right?


Hire a car- 95 Au dollars per day.

Plus Gas and food.

By tour- from $89 approx, and of course it depends if you choose more days to stay, or there is even deals that takes you to more places like Phillip Island, another national park etc.

How to get there

If you are planning to do it one day trip and you leave from Melbourne I recommend you to leave very early because it is like 4 hours drive one way, to get there.

Be careful if you follow Google Maps app to guide you because we did it and it took us to another road, I mean we get there, but we missed the nicest part of the road.  So I recommend you to follow the road signs.



Open well your eyes! You can spot wild Koalas!!

When you arrived to the 12 Apostles there are many car parks, whenever  you see the crowd go there. Normally is the best spot to see the apostles.

One very nice spot, is one were you park your car in a proper parking lot, and then you go under a tunnel that cross the highway and it will take you to my favorite lookout.

A little bit further there is another parking lot where the view is still amazing. ( do both)

Actually by a large part of the road there are many spots were you can stop and appreciate this amazing nature wonder.

Australia is full of cliffs. I discover that I love cliffs view so much.

During the daylight the view is spectacular but in the sunset of course  the view is more like dramatic and intense,  very magical. So you choose at what time you go  😉

Please tell me about your experience in this beautiful place and use the #BloomingInGreatOceanRoad in Instagram and that way I´ll be able to see your pictures.

Thank you so much for reading me my dear Blooming Family .

Kisses where ever you are and if you have any other question do not hesitate to ask in the comments bellow.

With love, Nataly Vargas.



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