Fraser Island, Australia



Fraser Island

With an area of 184 000 hectares it is the largest sand island in the world. It is a place you can’t miss when visiting Australia. It has a unique lake ( Lake McKenzie)  sea pools  (Champagne pools), you can spot whales ( season August- throw November ), it has incredibles lookouts were you are able to spot Sharks, turtles, mantas and more!

This Island is an incredible place for camping and explore at your own peace. If I would had more time, I would totally explore each part of the Island properly, you know taking your time to camp at the seashore, see all the sunsets etc.

Each scenery of Fraser Island is unique, places that you wont want to say goodbye.

How to Get to the Island?

You can get there by your own truck ( it has to have 4×4 ) because you will need to drive in a no easy  roads like full of mud.

You can enter the Island by Rainbow Beach or from Hervey Bay. There is a barge service that will transport you and your vehicle 🙂


Camping: If you arrived by your own, you can camp at the seashore or stay at the hotel.

Camping is a dream because you literally camp at the shore. Can you imagine to spot every sunrise and sunset? Because of the Dingos ( wild dogs) you have to be very careful with the food and the outdoors activities because you are in a wild territory.

Take your supplies but don´t worries there is a grocery store at the island and a Gasoline dispensary.

At some parts of this Island you are permitted to fish so get ready 🙂

Unfortunately you can´t swim in all over the beach, because of the wild life like sharks, mantas etc, remember it is Australia.   


Tours departs from Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay.

You can get from 1 to 4 days tour, the prices depend on the season and the anticipation of the purchase. I recommend you to buy them at

The one that I took was 2 days 1 night the cost was 350 Au Dollars with everything included.

Personally I felt the times were to tight, because you are just allowed to stay 1 hour each place with I think is not enough to take pictures, enjoy, etc.

It takes approximately 1.5  hours to get there, and to get to the first destination takes another hour because you know this Island is huge. So you arrived  to the first  destination at 10:30 am. I truly recommend that if you are going to do it by tour get the 3 days 2 nights one as minimum.

Is nice to do it by tour because the tour guide has experience driving in those roads, and they tell you a little bit of history of each place you visit. Everything is set for you : food, routes, accommodation you got me everything is easier, buuuut everything is a little bit hasty.

This were the places that the Tour took me, so if you go by tour you don’t have any other option but if you go by your own you definitely must visit this places:

Champagne Pools

The walk to this place is so beautiful, I was walking and suddenly my friends just yell “ whaaaalesss!” I could watch them very close, a group of humpback whales, very playful, the view was incredible. Could you imagine swim in a natural sea pool? Definitely a perfect plan for a whole day.

Indian Point

To get to this point you have to go through  approximately 30 minutes walk, surrounded just by beautiful green. You haven’t reach the top and you have already an amazing view at your left, because of the wind the currents become whirlpools and from above looks like  foam and blue spirals.

When you get to the peak you have a  cliff with 360 view of pure and intense blue of a variety of tonalities.  You really don´t know where to look. From there you can spot whales, sharks, turtles, mantas, a feast of species!.

A magical moment were I would spend hours looking for marine animals.

Lake Mckenzie

A very rare lake because along with the high levels of acidity , makes the water unsuitable for nearly all forms of plant and fish life.

Without natural waste from plant and animal life, the like is extremely pure. With its pure silica sands and low PH waters never stays warmer than 23 C  even in Summer.

Their tonalities are so crazy, from a deep blue to a very light blue at the shore. Its like If you were swimming in a huge pool. A place to spend the whole day as well.

The Ancient Forests of  Satinay and Brush Box Trees

Get into this amazing forest were all the trees are grow in sand!

These ancient forests are home to an incredible array of plant life, most of which has been growing in the area for thousands of years.

You can spot many spiders, beautiful birds, the flora is very beautiful, the simple fact to walk throw the forest pump you with so much  energy.

Eli Creek

Take your floater and use it like your personal boat were you can lay down and enjoy the ride over the pristine fresh waters of this incredible creek.

Just open your eyes and travel to another world. Or make a race between your friends and you! It´s all about fun in this place. This lake pours up to four million litres of clear, fresh water into the ocean every hour. Get ready to refresh!

Lake Wabby

A walk that takes approximately 45 minutes  to get to a very particular green sapphire lake, perfect to refresh after the hot walk.

With  12 mts. depth is the deepest lake in the island. Is surrounded by big dunes were for a moment you feel the king of the dessert. An amazing place, definitely this island has everything!.

The Maheno Shipwrecks

Built in 1905,  the rudders of the boats were removed and they were being towed to Japan. When they reached Queensland Waters, a cyclonic storm snapped the tow chain and the Maheno drifted helplessly onto Fraser Island’s ocean beach.

You feel like historian fantasizing about the past of this ship, imagining the moments were this ship was working, its enormous! And makes it more special that is at the shore of this Island.

Extra Tip: Sunsets in this Island are amazing! Don’t miss them.

By night you can enjoy the sky full of stars and have a drink at the bar of the Island.


Is amazing how this Island can have so many amazing and different scenarios.

For sure camping will let you see more amazing places, I would love to see your pictures of this place! Use the Hashtag #BloomingInFraserIsland.

Comment below which place was your favorite, and if you have any question don´t hesitate to ask 🙂 I would love to help you in  your next trip.

Kisses wherever you are.

Nataly Vargas



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