The 6 Books that changed my life


Books that changed my life

I want to share with you a small list of books that helped me a lot, and I wish from the bottom of my heart that also help you.

It is a small list. And honestly I don’t think that we need a motivational type of book to be helped, I think even a cartoon book can change  your life.

There are moments were is hard to have psychological help, or have our family close, or friends etc. But you would always have the chance to have a book with you.

A few times I´ve been in that kind of situation, were I felt lonely, I needed help, really need guidance, support, and light and honestly didn’t know where to find it,   and books has given  that to me.

And also I love to read, so that helps jaja, honestly I see them as my dearest and unconditional friends.

It’s quite funny how you get the books you need just in the right moment. Exactly like that happened with  all the books I am sharing with you.

I am completely sure there will be many other books outside that will change your life, and they don’t have to be “ a good book” I think the majority are, you know there are just some books that we get to  connect with them  and others not.

So my advice is that try to be open to those books that arrives to your life, let them guide you and  find what you are looking for.

Okay, Lets begin! 😀


Light is the New Black – Rebeca Campbell

In the front of the book its says: ¨This is a guide to answer the calling of your soul, and to work in your light¨

And yes, we all have soul, we all have light, light Dumbuldure said: Even in the darkest moments you can turn on the light.

This book helped me to get out of the whole I was, I tried to find support in my family and friends, but what I really needed the  most was myself, have me patience, love me, and trust in me. It might sounds easy to say but hard to do, I know, but this book will help you.

Each of us, absolutely each of us have a passion, something , a little thing that we like to do, things that fills our heart, our soul, our mind , all. Things that just feel good to do them.

But we don’t do them because of fears, or embarrassment , lack of trust and many other things.

Or maybe you are doing them,  but are you giving your 100%? Or just what your Ego allows you?

This book has giving me the opportunity to explore myself, and realize the person I really am, of what I really want and why I am not doing it, or what I need to do it.

We all need a spiritual guide and this book has been  that for me.

We all need light to see in darkness, because we are not cats or owls.

To be able to follow our path, to work in what we always dreamed, we need to be guided at some point, and work a lot in our spirit, in ourselves.

Plus this book has many activities that helps you to practice the theory.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying – Sogyal Rimpoché

This book was a total revelation to myself in so many aspects. Specially worked in my attachment and worked with my fear to dead, woow specially that blowed my mind, to realize the big impact dead has in our living lifes.  When you realizes that when you work on that, when you unlock that, your life changes on 360. You live with more peace and freedom.

This book also works on very important  topics like the importance on meditation in our lives, and how it can changed radically your life and your next lifes!. And OMG I totally  confirm that.

Some parts of this book can feel a little bit heavy if you are not acquainted with Buddhism  but  patience and discipline  pays at the end. Besides the monk who wrote this book really tried to make it simple  and easy.

Many Lifes, Many Masters – Brian l. weiss

This book will changed your YOLO perspective.

If you read this book, read it with openness and I promise it will change the way you see life.

When I used to think that I only had this only single life, I felt frustrated, and got desperate, and got mad just to think and think what would I be able to do and what don’t. You know with all those dreams, and places you want to visit. Or got crazy about that my grandmother would die in some point and I couldn’t be with her 24/7.

But this book, changed my perspective and changed many things that I believed faithfully. And I am very grateful to this book for that.

It helped me to slow down, to change the rhythm of my everyday life.

Helped me to understand why sometimes we feel like that of certain topics or situations, why we have some strong fears that we don’t know where they come from, etc.

#GirlBoss – Sophia Amoruso

Hey, first thing you don’t have to be a girl to read this book, I think the author was trying to empower girls, but guys,  is for everyone who needs a bit of inspiration and empowerment to follow your dreams.

I was a little bit skeptical with this book because you know, I thought it was those kind of very good promoted books, like comercial ones.

And yes, the girl tells about her story of how she created her company, but the idea of the book is really good, and helped me.

It is written with magic and a very strong vibes that can empowers anybody.

The life changing magic of tidying up- Marie Kondo

Before this book got super popular because of it series on Netflix, I read this book and it changed the way I used to see belongings.

Most of the times the way we live, like our house, our job, our friends etc, its a reflection of how we are in the inside.

And you won’t believe it but the way your room looks, your bathroom, your living room, your entire  house, it really gives you a more friendly and peaceful vibes.

Let yourself go with this cute Japanese, and I promise you it will help you to live a better life, much more clear, clean, open, with another perspective. Letting your clutter go, from the inside and outside, and letting  space for the good things.

The little Prince- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I have a special love for this book because it was one of the first books I read.

Of course that when I read it for first time I didn’t get so many messages from the story.

And when I read it now, it’s different, every time I read it I found a new message.

And every beautiful word gives me this sparkle of beautiful emotions.

It’s a small book with a huge  teaching. It helps you to meditate of what is valuable to you. In what your focus, the attachment, the self love, the value of friendship, its pure poetry this book.

This is why, this book is and will be forever in my list of favorites books.

Also if you are looking  books to helps you to start in the habit of reading, this is your book.


I really  hope you like this books, and help you as much as it helped me.

I also would like to ask you to write bellow all those books that had helped you too, so we can all see them and read them later.

Also, I have this idea of having a Book Club on a Facebook group something like that, would you like it? Comment bellow and we can make it happen.

I hope you are having an amazing day, don’t forget to join the BloomingLife  community following my social media so we can stay update every day :D.

Hugs to you! , from  Nataly Vargas.   

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