How to choose your outfit for a Music Festival



How to choose an outfit for a music festival

I think the first thing you have to do before choosing your outfit for a music festival is:

Are you A person?

You love to be at the front, or the closest you can, were the Artist´s sweat  rains over you. You don’t care if it rains as well pee, or beer. You get smashed by other people ( this I the worst part for me) .But you like to live at the edge, you are jumping between scenarios, because you want to see as much artists as you can. But at the same time you like to be comfortable but fashionable.

Are you B person?

You like to be relax, why suffer with shoves and sweaty people? You  like to be  at the back  of the mass? relaxed enjoying the bands?  Why live in the rush? The point is have a good time, relax and fresh.


Well for A person: I do recommend a comfortable outfit, I wouldn’t  wear  heels, or sandals, Because is very probable that people is going to step on your feet or you are going to get tired.  Using a big hat is not very good option because while you are jumping happy, you will  need  to hold it or  fighting not to drop it. Long dresses : they could step on them, or you are not going to be able to dance freely.

The main thing is dress comfortable but pretties 😉

For B person:

Yeees!, Why not use  those cute sandals? Were your feet can breath, or those nice boots? That looks  amazing. You can play more with maxi skirts, palazzos, dresses etc. And why not? Fill your outfit with long and big neckless, earrings, or even that jewelry for the body.

And you can take care more of you from  the sun with those rocker hats that looks amazing that  gives a radical  change on your look.

But heeey! The truth is you know your body. You know your limits speaking of comfort. There are girls who can wear heels all day long and is perfect for them.And there are girls ( me) who after 2 Hours feel terrible tired. 

So at the end of the day, the must important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy with your outfit right? And over that! Is that you enjoy no matter how  you look like. Enjoy your day as mush as you can.

There is some nice ideas of outfits that I like. And I  have a board in Pinterest were you can check many other selection of outfits and makeup  for Music Festivals.

A story of mine : Specially with this outfit , I am not expert at all speaking of makeup ( and fashion too haha ). I found this makeup  at Pinterest . And try to recreate it and with my outfit I didn’t buy anything special. I just choose something from my wardrobe and that ´s it ( tell me if you like it)

Really guys, don’t stressed too much about your outfit, the main thing is have fun, and enjoy the music and friends right?

Thank you so much for reading me <3 

I´ll be waiting for your comments bellow about what kind of people you are A or B ( or other type). And what outfit you liked the most.

AAAAAnd! I would LOVE! Too see your pictures at that Music Festival 😀 Please use the Hashtag #Bloomingfestival in your pictures. And what way I´ll be able to  see them :).

So, we keep in touch in  my Social Network.

With love, Nataly Vargas.


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