Enjoy Your Skin

Recently , at work I fell all over the floor and it was full of a strong chemical  and that burns my skin of my left side of the leg. Nothing serious now is like new. But that event got me thinking how much I take care of my healthness, how much do you do it guys? How many times do we judge ourselves of if we have acne, sun spots, parts, freckles, wrinkles, burn injuries from the past, moles, warts, the color of our skin,  other sickness of the skin, or any other “ imperfection” .

What is the definition of perfection”?:

Perfection: “complete absence of error or defect”

What a scary and boring to be “ perfect”

swing happily at this heaven beach in Philippines. completely in love guys


Because all those scars that we could have,  could be “ war wounds” proofs  that we suffer an accident and we still here, alive!. Or could be alerts that we have to take care more of ourselves, like drinking more water, eat healthier, wear sunscreen.

Ooor could be reminder of how strong you were lifting that baby human for 9 months and your skin just got stretched out.

So, everytime that you see your sking with an “ imperfection” just feel proud what you have achieved , where you are, and that you are alive. Lets take care of our skin , because what a lot of work does protecting us from the climate, quimicals, dust, or falls.

Could I ask for more? sun, beautiful beach, my sis, and ALIVE!


Don’t be absolutely ashamed of anything of your body, we were born  this way becasuse that is the only way could be.  And we are beautiful and “ perfect” like this. And every other  spot in your skin makes you even more special and different of every single human of this planet.. and other planets too. O:

Enjoy your skin, love your color, and make it brighter.

yeap, this is heaven, such an amazing beach, the color of the water is unbelievable. Get real pearls here!


Here is some advices to protect it:

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water every day, this depending of your activities, you could need more.
  • Hydrate it with body lotion, or natural oils.
  • Always wear sunscreen even if you are all day in the office sun reflections burn your skin too.
  • Exfoliate once a week maximum, doing it more often could dry it up.
  • Every third day I put coconut oil at night and at the next day my skin looks gorgeous very soft.
  • Eat green as much as  possible, green vegetables are the one who contribute more benefit substances to skin and hair.

Take care of your skin girl ( but always having a nice tan) :P


  • I´ve been given a try to drink green juices or smoothies frequently and you can really tell the difference, the skin looks brighter, hydrated and elastic.

I have a video in my Youtube channel were I tell you my home – made recipes that  helped  the skin recover faster from my accident, you can use those remedies as well like an extra care of your skin.

Hope to see you around there

Please comment bellow hoy YOU take care of your skin 🙂 so we can share advices.

With lots of love

Nataly Vargas ☺

just a girl having fun at the beach, one of my favorite though. I can´t ask for more. I love you Philippines

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