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Wat Prathat Phasornkaew



Definitely my favorite temple in Thailand, I just love everything about this temple. 

Its  located in this city- town,  Khaem Son , Khao Kho district  of Phetchabun. It is green everywhere, with a beautiful mystic atmosphere .

I have to mention that getting to this place was not easy at all.

My sister and I were traveling Thailand without car, just by tours or public transport.

Definitely I recommend  you to  do it by your own car.

Actually most of the other tourist visiting this place were Thai, not much foreigners.  ( I guess thats cool).

So because of that;  in Khaem Son not lots of people speaks English, not even the receptionist at our hotel spoke English.

But Google translate helped us to communicate. So you know, just be ready.

Of course, the people was super friendly  ( like in all Thailand ) and wiling to help you even if they dint understand us haha.


How to get to the temple if you don´t have car?

Ask the locals, It will always be my best traveller advise. They will always be happy to help you, even if they don´t speak your language, they will find a way to do it, by gestures, signs, trust me they will find a way. And they will always have the best advice because is their land, is their country,  no ones knows it  better then them. 

The Doctor who attend my sickness in Thailand put me in contact  with this gentleman who took us to this beautiful temples, he waited for us outside and then took us to our hotel of course.

He was super sweet like aaaall my tour guides in Asia ^,^.

My best Tips

This experience starts from the driveway, this amazing and beautiful mountains surrounded this temples, is breathtaking, honestly this trip is not just the temples, is everything in conjunct.

When I went there , there was no  entrance fee, of course there is always welcome any voluntary contribution.

  • You can´t enter any of this temples with shoes, like in  mostly all  Buddhist temples.
  • You can’t enter sleeveless or showing above your knees, for  respect to the monks.
  • The sun was strong, I recommend you wearing Sunscreen, take your sunnies, lots of water, and easy shoes to take out easily.
  • I am not exaggerating that even to take pictures it was hard to me to focus because of the shine, I recommend you try to get there or very early or after midday.

This place is really beautiful with fog or cloudy because it gives it more a mystic atmosphere. So if you get the chance to choose time and day, my advice is there.

***** I truly recommend you to go to any of the cafeterias  at the top of the Hill ( you get there by car no worries).

Its contrasting that this cafe´s are so modern and occidental in comparison to the temples and the town.

But this its just an observation, the view you can get from this cafeterias is breathtaking. 

You can see both temples from here with the view of the town and the Mountains same time,  uuuf beauty!.


A crazy temple, I am just saying  that I never thought that this places could exist, I remember that sometimes you get to see in Magazines this kind of places and you don´t get to realize that they exist for real.

It was impressive for me to see this   5 white  huge heads, for me was shocking.

This temple represents the 5 Buddhas that came to visit the Earth.

Besides this temples there is this quite huge Tamarind.  Just a small fact, here in Thailand they use a lot the Tamarind for cooking.

Actually Tamarind is the fruit that they grow the most. Every year, around January, they celebrate the harvest with this Tamarind Fair, to be grateful of having this gift.

This fact was outstanding because were I am from ( Mexico) we eat a lot Tamarind, specially in candies, we love it. In the backyard of my grandma´s house there is this huge Tamarind tree, very beautiful.

Okay, keeping with the subject, I comment at the beginning of the post that you should try to see this temples in a time of the day were is not too hot, specially this temple because is so white that the lights tend to reflect more, not exaggerating it was even hard for me to take pictures.


This is part was one of my favorite part of Thailand, its unbelievable the art of this place, those colors, the combination of textures. How they put every small piece in a specific place that looks just perfect. Everything seems to match, and coordinate, I am not exaggerated, you will want to take pictures of every corner.

This temple is quite new, they finished to build it at the end of 2004.

We arrived this temple a little bit before sunset, and woow the lights at that hour, with the silence, the colors, the mountains, it was magic.

Try to  get connected with the place, besides you practice or not Buddhism, I truly invite you to take your time to try to connect with  every temple that you visit, stop for a moment to be grateful to be there, visiting those amazing places.

Please comment bellow what do you think of this temples.

And if you get the chance to visit them, tell me witch one was your favorite, and as always  please  leave your comments bellow so everybody can read this tips, and we can  help all  each other.

Thank you very much for reading this post, in the meantime we can keep in touch in my other social media.

Big hug to you!

Nataly Vargas 🙂


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