Life is change , don’t be afraid.


Life is change, don’t be afraid.

Life is change, we change every minute.

And lots of times we are scared of change,

Changes can be hard, but they take you out of your confort zone.

I was scared of change because I thought it was going to take of  me the good things I already had.

That was before, now I am addicted to change. I don’t know if that’s good…

Honestly I don’t like routines  anymore

The hairdresser asked me:

  • your bang is going to be  crazy, why if it looks weird?
  • I can fixed with bobby pins

And I confirmed telling him:

  • Life is too short

Then I saw a bunch of my hair  in ground .

And I got scared, I was like “ oh my god”

And then he applied peroxide in my hair….

How scary

Scare of what?

People criticising? – what ever, is my life

What If I don’t like it? – I can change it

What if doesn’t grow?- come on, it will


What impedes me?

Nothing, nothing impeded me.

And is true, this year I was meditating that life is so so short to not live it fully in everything. For example, I love to wear dresses, since  little. You will always see me wearing dress.

How beautiful and like a princess I felt.

Then my lifestyle changed and Started to use dress just in special occasions.

But then I realised that life was too short for just wear dress or dressed nicely in special occasions.

So now I am trying to spoil me as much as I can: you know eat what my desire is, enjoy my beloved ones, dress as I want without worrying what people or my mom ( sorry mummy) is going to say.

Dress as you want, fu%& the society, do your hair or be messy, wear makeup or don’t wear it, cut your hair as YOU want it. Do things that fill up your soul.

                           IS YOUR LIFE

Don’t let anyone lives YOUR life.

Don’t be afraid of changes , how rich is the diversity that gives the changes.

If you don’t dare to try something different, you will never know if you like them or not.

Maybe you don’t like them buuut, there is always an option to fix it.

And if you like it WONDERFUL you made it friend!

It feels sooo good take a chance and have “ successful results”

And if you try and doesn’t work I promise you , you will gain something good of that.

I loved my baby donkey bang, and above all, I love that every time I look at it remembers me that there is just one life and I am enjoying it B).

What change has been the hardest in your life?

How did it go?

I’ll be waiting for your comments of you too.

I love you

Thank you for reading me.

Nataly Vargas


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