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My favorite Australian beach  for sure. That´s why is the most photographed place in Australia.

Is like been in heaven ( and I´ve never been there before…) Whitsundays is a Australian paradise, a place you can´t miss.

Crystalline waters, where every day turns to a different shade of color, the sand is so soft and thin. (take your dirty  jewelry and  rubbed it with the sand and you will get surprised!)

Go to the lookout and get the best profile picture. The view that you get in this place is unreal, the scenery of the sand rivers mixed with the different shades of blue is my favorite landscape in  Australia.

Going here can be a little bit expensive but totally worth it.

There are  3 ways to get to  Whitsundays :

Lets start with the Budget one:


How to get there.

Take the aqua taxi ( where to get  them, go to  the information center)

It will leave you in the beach where you can camp 😉

Remember to buy the return ticket ( speak with the driver about the day and time of your return)

What to take?

Take your tent, food, drinks ( lots of water) shoes and comfortable cloths, bikini, camera, repellent etc.


Aqua taxi  $105 Au dollars  per person (return)

Rights to camp $ 6 Au dollars

Whitsundays By Tour

There is infinity of companies that offer the service, even agencies who organice everything for you, there are  tours in different languages that English: Chinese, Spanish, etc.

There are party tours and chill tours. Tours that last from 1 to more days.

For me, if you just want to see Whitsundays the best option will be the 2 days tour, because to get to Whitsundays is quite far. Approximately 1.5 hours. For example the 1 day tour starts at 9:30 sum the time to get there, to organize etc, and the return time. It only let you stay at the lookout 30 min, at the beach 1 hour, snorkel 30 minutes ( very short time  for me).

Each company works with different itinerary of course. Before booking check the itinerary and see if adapts of what you want to do. For example some of them includes more snorkel time others more time to spend at the beach etc.

******Extra tip******

Book your tour at is much cheaper than do it by agency, but book with anticipation because there is a lot of demand.

Price: between 100 and 600 Au dollars. It depends where do you buy it, days of stay  etc.

Do not forget to take your water camera, or the famous plastic bags for your smart phone because the pictures under water are very worth it.

Whitsundays by private boat

Are you going with a group of friends or you just want to take it nice and chill taking your time to explore this paradise?

Rent a boat and get excited having a sailing trip, sleep under the stars, fish your dinner, do snorkel as many times you want, or take your time to take the best picture, explore the secret beaches away of the tourist.

Be very respectful every time you do snorkel, remember that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the lungs of this planet.

Do not touch the coral, do not step on them, don’t throw rubbish. The coral is extremely sensible and can be very dangerous. Specially in Australia there are so many deadly species.

Recently Airlie beach was heated by a cyclone so is very sad to see how everything is strongly damaged. So help it to  recover by respecting.

This is a paradise were we all deserve to enjoy it. Lets give the opportunity to the future generations to wonder with this place, is  our  duty to take care of it.

Lets be a responsible tourists 🙂

Thank you very much for taking your time to read me.

I would love to see your pictures of this amazing place.

Use the #BloomingInWhitsundays.

If you need more help don’t hesitate to ask in the comments bellow 🙂

And if you have another tip or you want to share your experience in this place, please write it in the comments bellow  and all the BloomingFamily will be able to see it 🙂

Kisses till where ever you are!

Nataly Vargas

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